Crash Calligraphy:
an ebook guide + online class
for calligraphy beginners


This ebook + online class pairing will help you go from “how the heck do I start with calligraphy” to “whoa, I really got this!”

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Have you been wanting to learn calligraphy but have no idea where to begin?

Years ago when I started my lettering and calligraphy journey, I wasn’t sure what tools I should be using or how in the world to get my writing to actually look good. What do I even practice?

It was easy to feel like I had to wait to start to get the perfect tools. It was easy to feel unmotivated to practice because I didn’t know where to start to get consistent and confident fast. (Spoiler: it probably won’t happen as fast as you like!)

I’ll help you skip the whole “where do I begin” conundrum + go straight to feeling like you have the knowledge and motivation to really rock this calligraphy game.


You are in the right place if these statements describe you:

→ you want a hobby that helps clear your head and help you relax

→ you want to be able to create art for your own home or your friends and family

→ you want to learn calligraphy to create personal details for your wedding day

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Join me in…

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My step-by-step guide that walks you through how to get from “I don’t know what I’m doing” to “Damn, I got this!” in your calligraphy journey.

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It was better than I could have ever imagined and I’m so thankful I signed up!

- Chandra

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My Christmas cards have never looked so good!!

- Sarah

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 Here’s what you’ll learn:

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Lesson 1:
Tools + terms

You’ll get my full list of recommended tools and my tips for using nibs + ink and brush pens.

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Lesson 2:
Warming up

You’ll learn to loosen you hand and build muscle memory with these drills and practice strokes.

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Lesson 3:

In this module you’ll learn how to start writing letters using my traceable guided alphabet.

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Lesson 4:

It’s time to connect all the letters you’ve been practicing into full words with my tips + guided word practice sheets.

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Lesson 5:
Adding Flourishes

We’re gonna get fancy and add all sorts of fun embellishments to your calligraphy. Swirls and twirls galore.

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Lesson 6:
Discovering your style

One of the fun parts of calligraphy is discovering your unique style. I’ve got a few exercises to help you unlock your personal creativity!

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Lesson 7:
Final Projects

To wrap up the course and record how far you’ve come in the journey, we’ve got a few final projects! You’ll be exploring who you are and your values, building your own alphabet, and creating your own art print!

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Bonus guides!

  1. Print Layout Guide

  2. Full Letter Connection Guide

  3. 2 Alternative Alphabet Style Guides


Not just an alphabet guide.


I’ve paired printable, traceable guides with videos that SHOW you how to do it all.

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So many calligraphy guides you can find online are just that - printable guides. With Crash Calligraphy, I’ve included a full online course with videos to SHOW you how to do it all.

Calligraphy is so visual, you need to SEE how it’s done!

With this traceable guide + videos that show you how it’s all done, you’ll build the skills you need to feel confident in your calligraphy!


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Everything was so well organized and she walked us through every step of the way - I learned so much from her!

- Chandra

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I love how she broke everything down into simple steps and gave you all the tools you needed to get started.

- Sarah

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+ Full 50 page ebook guide (printable + traceable!)

+ Online course access with videos

+ Bonus Layout Guide

+ Bonus Letter Connection Guide

+ TWO Bonus Alphabet Guides (in Traditional and Delicate styles)

  • Price in Canadian Dollars (that’s a good deal for you Americans!)

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will I have access to the course?

Well, how does lifetime access sound?!

I’m an intermediate letterer, is this course for me?

Maybe, maybe not! It might be too simple for you, depending on your skill level. But it also could be a really great little refresher to boost your practice and get you back on track! Feel free to email me with your specific situation.

I don’t know any cursive writing, will this work for me?

Yes! I break down every stroke for you so there’s NO guess work here. You’re in good hands.

Can i give crash calligraphy as a gift?

Send me an email to to set up a gifted course!

Will I learn how to make prints or wedding signage?

I give you a few tips for designing prints for yourself - but the course is primarily for learning calligraphy so I don’t go into great depth about print design or signage making. Maybe a future course of mine will ;)

What’s the time commitment to complete the course?

It’s completely self-paced so this is up to you! However, you’ll only improve as much as you practice - so that’s key to getting the most out of this course!